Monday, May 13, 2013

On 'Public' Display of Affection

Facebook has changed the face of social networking. It takes everything to a new level altogether; protests, celebrations,disasters,awareness,relationships and also despicable behavior. I’ve lately noticed an array of strong messages on “Why emotions SHOULD-NOT be expressed on a public forum” spamming my timeline. Now that puzzles me and puzzles me terribly. Being acerbic about other’s showing love is conventional but people illustrating love publicly is questionable. Why so, my dear bunch of judgmental critics?
How does a “personal message on a public platform” dilute the strength or sincerity of anyone’s emotions?  Being ultra-clever and sarcastically posting updates in the lines of “I would never express my love on fb” only makes you unpleasant and disparaging. Errrmmmmm. I secretly feel like giving these people a high-five on their face.
This disdainful attitude is annoying. What joy could a mordant update on the world’s celebratory mood bring to you? Mother’s day, Sister’s day, Friendship’s Day, Valentine’s Day- They might not be the most ‘deep’ or ‘passionate’ way to celebrate love but they are pleasant! A perfect opportunity to break the ice, mend bridges and say little nothings to people who’re significant in one’s life. What could be wrong in having one such day when everyone collectively sends out positive messages across their entire network of friends? What can be wrong in people posting lovely messages and photographs with mother’s on facebook on “mother’s day”? It's a gesture that is heart-melting and over-whelming if you ask me. Being embraced on a public platform through a simple message! I would love to be acknowledged as special on a public platform by family, friends and loved ones. What could be wrong in that? The answer evades me. Also, what inconvenience does it cause to the “cool one’s” on planet earth?
You can have your unique ways of being expressive. For all anyone cares, you can choose not to express at all! But why on earth would you post punitive messages about other people being affable? Collective celebration brings immense joy. The power of togetherness charges up the atmosphere in a way that’s euphoric. Questioning that collective energy and positivity is simply rude and weird.
If you prefer showing love silently you rather keep your unpleasant discontentment about “others” also silent. What say! A win-win for everyone!
It’s extremely vexing to see dry wistful “know-it-all” updates in the lines of “If I loved someone it won’t be on facebook”. Derogatory!
Life would be a lot simpler if we quit conniving and being judgmental towards other people. Who is happy and who’s pretending to be happy is ‘their’ business and minding its authenticity is certainly not yours. Sharing love is beautiful and the modes could be many. In my opinion, expressing a gratitude or affection is a person’s biggest gift to the world and anyone who thinks otherwise is a cynic.
On this note, Here's a toast to the most wonderful woman on planet earth! My lover, my soul-mate and the core of my strength! Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!
I hope that doesn't weaken my feelings for my Mom.Yes? Critics!?