Friday, September 6, 2013

Missing that girl

She was naive as a child,
Her demeanour too mild,
She bothered to much and felt alienated,
Often spoke to herself when disoriented.

She frosted the surface to escape the pain,
Blocking way for any loss but in the barter also gain,
As the ice trickles deeper inside,
Turning too cold even for self to confide,
Its sheer pity and a loss in the winnings,
Victories all the way but tender emotions go missing.

What is life if there's no hurt to humble,
What is love if theirs no surrender to crumble,
Crumble and rise from the ashes again,
Else live feigning with myriad invisible stains.

When pain is missing, it siezes joy too,
When ego is hissing, it takes pride too,
To find yourself you need to be lost,
To live fully you need to love without holding bars,
The wounds and scars make it worthwhile,
Trusting the universe is the secret of life.

As I write today, I miss that girl,
Miss that girl so hard to find,
That girl who lived with arms wide open,
Lived in the truth of every word spoken.

Its hard but I'll find her again,
Because vulnerable she was but also pristine,
I miss her unadulterated self,
I miss her warmth and her care,
That girl she's lurking somewhere around,
Waiting for me to embrace her when found.

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