Tuesday, October 15, 2013


From ruins to shambles, howls to rambles,
Shallow teachings, blind preaching,
Cacophony of lies and blunder,
Destruction and mindless plunder,
Claustrophobia, suffocating ties,
Facades and disgusting lies,
I don’t care for your world anymore.

From blinding lights to kisses in the air,
Pretty dresses to a trailing flair,
Decked up suits and stylish boots,
Staid and disgustingly rotten in the roots,
Selfish, unfaithful, dispassionate hearts,
Seemingly close yet miles apart,
I don’t care for your world anymore.

 The devil whistles, wolves cry, pull up your socks or prepare to die.


Red Handed said...

Now wow!! If there was some pent up anger inside, this was an excellent way to let it out. brilliant!

Madhusha said...

Thanks Red :)