Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shadow play.

Playing with a shadow till it turned into a million candles,
Illuminating, burning,dazzling my existence,
Adding fuel to passion, life to staleness,
Reviving, renewing, adding colors to paleness.

Frozen in time, melting in the warmth of the moment,
Destroyed in the pinnacle of an awakening,
Rising from the ashes like phoenix,
What is it that shadows leave in you?
A trailing feeling of companionship,
But only when you turn your back to light,
Only when you look away from empowering might.

Oh my dear shadow, I love you to bits,
But lets disintegrate and merge into one now,
Like a body and soul never apart,
Basking in each other to experience love and art.

What is love without insane desire?
What is passion devoid of fire?
Shatter, break free, embrace sentiments till zero gravity,
Fear shackles us to menial depravity.
Come back to life my dear shadow,
Tear away from the darkness of fear,
You crave for light-so bask in its presence,
Why to shy away in the fear of evanescence.

Lets play the game again my shadow,
Let me mortalise you in my feminine power,
True, raw, real, intense and fiery,
Seep in euphoria amid myriad shooting stars.

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