Monday, November 11, 2013

To Bombay, With Love.

I've loved Bombay;since the very first day I'd stepped into this city.I remember,a feeling of rush swept through me as I stared across the crowded station numbly. Waves of people swarmed around me-choking the platform one minute and leaving it empty in the blink of an eye. I was mesmerized, amused and bewildered- All at the same time.

Only people who've experienced that feeling would know what I'm talking about.  An overwhelming, larger than life sort of an emotion-unique, only to the maximum city.Yes! 

Bombay has dirty roads, traffic jams and oceans of people. It has an air of apathy yet an overwhelming thread of belongingness, severe space crunch yet incredible planes for self-discovery.Yep! That's Bombay for you!

Have you had a chance to gaze across the Mumbai sea face? I close my eyes and glide back to the enormity of those moments of stillness. Peace!
 In the middle of hawkers, honking cars and random people, there was uncanny silence. The strength of rocks, sound of waves and an indescribable vibe in the air.Mysteriously even the air of Mumbai roars of its uniqueness.

I feel stupid and insane to be hung over a city! I don't understand it.Nope! But here I am, trying not to miss it, every single day and yet missing it more with each passing day.

Ouch ouch. 

The torrential rains. Danger lurking at every corner. Stories of deception and betrayal.Crime. I know Bombay can be a nightmare sometimes. But what outshines all the negativity is its gamut of possibilities and endless dreams. The delightful magic in its arms that makes the same dreams come true. Like zap! 

Yea! That's my Bombay. My city of dreams. My haven of freedom. An overpowering source of collective energy-the same energy which is probably known as the spirit of Mumbai.Nothing can match up to it. Not better crowd, not fancier places, not bigger homes, NO-nothing. Maybe because despite its madness, the city has an undying light to it, the city has its own soul-and your body can leave the city. But its soul..

Dude!It wont leave you! 

"It'll shine like a crazy diamond, proudly, with its rising skyscrapers glittering across the infinite sea, passionate people pumping it alive with their zest for living and countless stories echoing across the waves, building up the lights over and over again, till another soul falls madly in love with its mystique aura."

To Bombay,

With Love.


Sridhar Ramachandran said...

It's true.. Bombay!! You can check out any time u like but u can never leave..!!
Was in Bombay last weekend in colaba and i felt the same way..
Walking through causeway.. Sitting idle swaying ur legs on marine drive.. And the rains I know u hate it but even for the rains of Bombay it's different than anywhere else.. I have memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life thanks to Bombay!! The coffee at marine drive.. Oh god I could probably go on writing but this is supposed to be a comment. Really loved what u wrote after all the love for Bombay is mutual!!

Mani said...

I have been in Mumbai for a brief period - and still I could so totally relate to everything you have written
It goes on to say two things:
You have captured the feelings so vividly :)
Mumbai has had such lasting impact on me even in that short span of time
My thoughts: Mumbai makes you nervous initially and then brings the best out of you.. and is like a mirror - reflects whatever face you show to it

Pritesh said...

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Red Handed said...

I went to bombay 5 yrs back...and I still cannot get over it!!
Loved this post.

Madhusha said...

Thanks for he comments guys :)

And thanks for the honor Pritish :) ill try my best to tk the chain fwd if time of now even my comment is cmn from my phone so u can imagine how diff it would be to take the chain further :) Thanks a ton nevertheless.m glad u like my blog

Ronak Jain said...

I Exactly had same feeling when i visited Bombay for d first time, and it still rules my heart to be the City of my dreams..
Kudos.. for another masterpiece.

Madhusha said...

Thanks so much for commenting Ronak...:)

Anonymous said...

Its been little more than a year since i left Mumbai.. Carter, Colaba, Prithvi.. Miss them too much.. Ur blog really brought back all my wonderful memories of the city.

Madhusha said...


Trish said...

Beautiful place it is. Been there long time back. After reading this i want to visit your Bombay again :)

immortal987 said...

I haven't been to Bombay, but definitely gonna visit soon. This article reminds me of the "wake up Sid" in which konkana sen describes her love with Bombay............Really liked it.

Madhusha said...


Madhusha said...


Madhusha said...


Chinmay said...

Beautiful blogpost depicting a beautiful city. Remembered Greg Robert’s portrait of Mumbai in his novel ‘Shantaram’ after reading this post. Kudos.