Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The beauty across lifestages

I’ve lately been feeling differently about a lot of things and people. Earlier what gave me joy has suddenly lost charm. Going wild ‘n crazy is no more fun. Suddenly, coffees and conversations score hands-down over mindless partying. Friendships that are respectful have become far more important than the one’s that are just fun. Solitude has an all new meaning.

I’ve grown to feel timelessly attached to a certain few and indifferent towards so many more.

You could call it growing old and rusty. But, maybe, its just traipsing into a new lifetime.

Every life stage has its own beauty. No?

The other day, I saw a 50 + year old couple perform on stage with a bunch of youngsters and swear to god, the sight was spectacular! They looked adorable beyond words! :-)  The point is, you can age gracefully  and pursue your interests at any stage in life. Age stops you from finding your calling only when you let it overpower you.

I’d often shudder looking at colorless lives that are so entwined in their mundane routine that ageing gave me creeps. I’ve to confess I was almost a part of the rut myself and it was a horrifying feeling. I’d forgotten how alive drops of rain on my face once made me feel- the same rainfall turned exasperating because the excitement was replaced by the annoyance of getting drenched. I’d forgotten how beautiful warm rays of sunshine once felt- the same sunshine was turning into the start of another drag day to earn a living. I’d forgotten how happy a cup of tea with loads of sugar once made me feel- it was now  turning into a shot of caffeine, a part of my routine to keep me awake at work.

I’d forgotten to bask in the beauty of small things in life. Those small little things- I realize are a smidgen of magic.

When you stop and let time sink in – what appears is the splendor of every age.  

What I love about growing older is my ability to control my own life now. THAT part of life- SO awesome!

The control you feel when you cook a meal by yourself, travel , get your salary, buy things you like without having to explain it to anyone and pursue interests that enthrall you without worrying about approvals.  There’s unmatched freedom in having that control over your life. Liberating!  


Some things, need to be relished and cherished while they happen because stories that make you laugh, smile and cry never have a schedule. It sounds cliched but needs to be reinforced that although money matters, the grind shouldn't possess you to a point where demands become endless and romance in smaller things loses relevance completely. Its been said before but I’d say it again, that all you need is a little bit of sunshine, raindrops and oxygen to keep you truly happy.

Oh! A little bit of healthy flirting too- despite your age/stage/status. It makes you laugh  :-) 

“You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

On having a FOA

Lady luck has left my side. I've been encountering judgmental people tad too often these days. Uff! So unpleasant and taxing!Its as if they've taken upon the responsibility to pass snarky comments on everyone and everything. Bawa chill! Let the mortals live in peace and spare them the horror of your snide.

There's another breed of people, who act all friendly and slyly try to humiliate you in the name of harmless comments.*eyerolls*

This is the reason I have new found respect for people with a 'FOA' aka F*** off attitude. They don't waste their time and energy pleasing people or seeking attention. They're just cool in a very bad ass sort of a way, with a damn care aura. If they like you- they show it, if they don't-they just ignore you and spare you the trauma of fake forced conversations.

Irritating people who throw awkward questions at you, should ideally be given FO treatment without wasting too many words on them. Just ignoring them coldly would do the magic. So fun! You'd be spared the pain of putting up a facade and devising ways to dodge them.They'd just get cold vibes and get all intimidated.They'd call you rude but that's better than being fake. Naah?

Your answer to all the wrong things/people in the universe could be-FOA. Someone acts  nasty-FOA, slimy-FOA, hard to get-FOA, cheats-FOA, gives free advise-FOA, does anything vexing- FOA!

So easy!  So fun!

I have decided, I like people with this attitude. They're easier to deal with in comparison to people who unnecessarily act over friendly and then sly.

Maybe I would adopt this attitude myself and give cold shoulder to a few extra smart buggers in the coming days. I know, I know-all this sounds really juvenile, but what to do, FOA just feels like the new cool.

Till I find something more meaningful to write- you can show me FOA.


Experiment with FOA on all the undesirable,uncool things/people in the world.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The bizarre thing about Imagination.

I recently read findings about how women perceive Radio jockeys to be a replacement of their spouses. RJ’s are enormously popular amongst housewives because their voices sweep into the lonely lives of these women and fill it with companionship. Women can put a face to this voice-Sketch it to their hearts wish and imagine a companion.


Finding a husband in an RJ’s voice!

The more I think about it, the more I realise, that indeed- our lives are driven insanely by imagination.

The point is that the voices in our head are much louder and play a much more important role in our lives than we probably imagine.

Its scary to come in terms with the fact that we can be so consumed by sound that it becomes a replacement for someone real-who can be touched and felt. Maybe that explains the stellar success of social networking sites as well! People just make-believe a world and get kicks out of this creation. The role of touching and feeling just plummets to the pits.

The whiny one’s increase their troubles manifold by imagining issues that probably don’t exist(:p). The over-ecstatic one’s probably double their adrenaline rush by wearing rose tinted glasses. The one’s who lack imagination end up living from other people’s experiences- which I feel is- ermmmm-staid and mundane. The only thing scarier than over-imagination is the lack of it!

Imagination is the spice of life. It can make life delightfully yummy. But the same imagination crossing limits might be a nightmare.

The right amount of Imagination leads to unparalleled freedom, happiness and excitement. How to balance imagination with reality-Ermmm.... has to be derived  from your own imagination.(:/)

Balance Balance Balance!

Coming from Alice in the wonderland- take this little note very seriously people! :D

"The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. Because it's only intangibles, ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles. Wood rots. People, well, they die.”-Chuck Palahniuk

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On love, life and crossing lines..

I was discussing with a friend about how conveniently people  cross lines these days."Everything is fair in love and war", she opined.

Got me thinking.I'm not sure of whether my thoughts are cohesive or not.Nevertheless, I have a whole lot of questions racing through my mind. (And yes! Till I get it out of my system, its kind of hard to sleep :) )

I haven't ever loved anyone to the point of madness and really can't be sure of how one behaves at that point. Maybe you just turn psychotic and the lines start blurring. Well who decides between the rights and wrongs? That's where I find myself short of answers. Clearly, in our personal life, the extents would vary.HOWEVER, would it be wrong to say that we all certainly feel uneasy when our privacy is invaded, to the slightest? Threatened when our place in someone's life is at risk? Last but not the least,we all crave for love and attention with an equal hunger. (Aaah! Do I sense raised eyebrows from content solitary reapers?People with delusions of no worldly attachments should move to the Himalyas and stop lurking online, you know?! :))


So ya! Despite ourselves, we intuitively need other people to make us feel good.The degree of need varies but holds true for everyone. That explains why people spend a lifetime seeking true love.That even justifies why people fall in love at the risk of making themselves vulnerable to heartbreaks. It makes that childlike race for happiness endearing and boundless living ecstatic!

However, infringing upon someone else's happiness. Is that acceptable?Actions that make sacred vows(said and unsaid) worth two hoots.

I hear stories of people cheating heartlessly. Married couples straying in the name of instant gratification, spiritual connection(!!!) and of-course the famous getting drunk and losing control excuse.(*smirk*)


I haven't and I can't ever understand it. Not now, not ever. How on earth is robbing someone of their world  and trust ever acceptable?How are we any different from animals if instant gratification is all that we seek?

If selfish love was to be a norm, the world would turn into a madhouse. People would lose faith in friendship and humanity. Who knows-when cupid decides to strike a spiritual connection irrespective of a persons relationship status! (*eyerolls*)

I might be accused of being a social conformist looking at the world from my narrow lenses but at the risk of sounding old school; its not cool to recklessly get into zones that are already occupied.
 I would rather return to the times when love gave unparalleled security. Crossing the line was feared.Relationships and emotions were respected. Times when couples took pride in protecting each others emotions. It was easy to fall in love for a lifetime over simple cup of coffee :)

Maybe we're turning into a generation of confused and direction-less yuppies.Without roots!But before we forget-Rootless trees fall at the slightest of storms.

"At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines... that are way too dangerous to cross."-Meredith Grey (Greys Anatomy)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Saying Hellos

Esha!You! It took you months to FINALLY talk to me. What have you been upto all this while? You realise right, destiny takes complete control of my life when we don't keep in touch?Raaaaight?

Aaaaaa...Anyway! Since you're back and its time for some random conversations; let me tell you, in advance- That I'm super excited about this year being phenomenal! Every time you meet me and I give you my wish list- dreams most certainly come true. My very own fairy!:D

To start with- Please give my society some quality stuff to work upon. Its like a collection of people who just can't mind their own business and seem to be aces at knowing the right thing for everyone's life except their own. Its not fair-Really!Sigh.

Yes. That tops my wish.

And even as I type, I noticed you gave me a facepalm.OK.Faaaine. :-/I'll stop being a whine and control my temper instead of making these sad attempts at controlling the society.  :-/



I want to travel to some exotic countries this year. How you arrange for my travel is your headache but please make it happen. :-D

I'm done with my flab and CANNOT deal with it any more. Please,PLease, PLEASE- Get rid of it!boooohoooooo :'(

Also- Can you stop making me feel old? Yesterday, I saw these teenagers dancing around me and god! I felt Archaic!:'(


Ensure to turn everything fun and colourful this year! Let there be love and light! Let there be music and happiness! Looooaaaads of it! Make everything flawless. Please! :D Yay!

I wonder how bored Mom would feel by the end of this year! :D :D Please pray she finds a better timepass to give her sleepless nights. :D

This year. You and I- Are going to be on a roll! And you dare leave my side even for a moment!:-)

Ohh! Last but not the least-Let me dance and keep dancing till the year fades away :-)

With lots and lots of love,

Esha :*  :*