Sunday, April 20, 2014

On having a FOA

Lady luck has left my side. I've been encountering judgmental people tad too often these days. Uff! So unpleasant and taxing!Its as if they've taken upon the responsibility to pass snarky comments on everyone and everything. Bawa chill! Let the mortals live in peace and spare them the horror of your snide.

There's another breed of people, who act all friendly and slyly try to humiliate you in the name of harmless comments.*eyerolls*

This is the reason I have new found respect for people with a 'FOA' aka F*** off attitude. They don't waste their time and energy pleasing people or seeking attention. They're just cool in a very bad ass sort of a way, with a damn care aura. If they like you- they show it, if they don't-they just ignore you and spare you the trauma of fake forced conversations.

Irritating people who throw awkward questions at you, should ideally be given FO treatment without wasting too many words on them. Just ignoring them coldly would do the magic. So fun! You'd be spared the pain of putting up a facade and devising ways to dodge them.They'd just get cold vibes and get all intimidated.They'd call you rude but that's better than being fake. Naah?

Your answer to all the wrong things/people in the universe could be-FOA. Someone acts  nasty-FOA, slimy-FOA, hard to get-FOA, cheats-FOA, gives free advise-FOA, does anything vexing- FOA!

So easy!  So fun!

I have decided, I like people with this attitude. They're easier to deal with in comparison to people who unnecessarily act over friendly and then sly.

Maybe I would adopt this attitude myself and give cold shoulder to a few extra smart buggers in the coming days. I know, I know-all this sounds really juvenile, but what to do, FOA just feels like the new cool.

Till I find something more meaningful to write- you can show me FOA.


Experiment with FOA on all the undesirable,uncool things/people in the world.


Red Handed said...

I practice complete FOA ..and I stopped making friends long back.\This was a great post!

Ruchi Priya said...

FOA dude ;)

Madhusha said...

Thanks red :)

Madhusha said...

Ass :D