Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The beauty across lifestages

I’ve lately been feeling differently about a lot of things and people. Earlier what gave me joy has suddenly lost charm. Going wild ‘n crazy is no more fun. Suddenly, coffees and conversations score hands-down over mindless partying. Friendships that are respectful have become far more important than the one’s that are just fun. Solitude has an all new meaning.

I’ve grown to feel timelessly attached to a certain few and indifferent towards so many more.

You could call it growing old and rusty. But, maybe, its just traipsing into a new lifetime.

Every life stage has its own beauty. No?

The other day, I saw a 50 + year old couple perform on stage with a bunch of youngsters and swear to god, the sight was spectacular! They looked adorable beyond words! :-)  The point is, you can age gracefully  and pursue your interests at any stage in life. Age stops you from finding your calling only when you let it overpower you.

I’d often shudder looking at colorless lives that are so entwined in their mundane routine that ageing gave me creeps. I’ve to confess I was almost a part of the rut myself and it was a horrifying feeling. I’d forgotten how alive drops of rain on my face once made me feel- the same rainfall turned exasperating because the excitement was replaced by the annoyance of getting drenched. I’d forgotten how beautiful warm rays of sunshine once felt- the same sunshine was turning into the start of another drag day to earn a living. I’d forgotten how happy a cup of tea with loads of sugar once made me feel- it was now  turning into a shot of caffeine, a part of my routine to keep me awake at work.

I’d forgotten to bask in the beauty of small things in life. Those small little things- I realize are a smidgen of magic.

When you stop and let time sink in – what appears is the splendor of every age.  

What I love about growing older is my ability to control my own life now. THAT part of life- SO awesome!

The control you feel when you cook a meal by yourself, travel , get your salary, buy things you like without having to explain it to anyone and pursue interests that enthrall you without worrying about approvals.  There’s unmatched freedom in having that control over your life. Liberating!  


Some things, need to be relished and cherished while they happen because stories that make you laugh, smile and cry never have a schedule. It sounds cliched but needs to be reinforced that although money matters, the grind shouldn't possess you to a point where demands become endless and romance in smaller things loses relevance completely. Its been said before but I’d say it again, that all you need is a little bit of sunshine, raindrops and oxygen to keep you truly happy.

Oh! A little bit of healthy flirting too- despite your age/stage/status. It makes you laugh  :-) 

“You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” 


Red Handed said...

I just found that control over my life..and it is liberating.
May I never become old enough to stop seeing the romance in little things.

Ronak Jain said...

I think this is time when people start getting wise and get over understanding and start realizing importance of things that happen day in and out of our lives...