Friday, July 3, 2015


Been too long that I've written something.

Maybe a year.

And this one year, has been a tsunami of changes. The Mr.Right I kept writing about is Mr.Husband now. His Mr.Right title now has a prefix to it, Once upon a time.

You know how puppies chew off everything when they are teething? The first year of marriage is similar, you tend to chew off each others brains for every small thing possible- teething problems in marriage. War zone! Husband versus wife!

Suddenly, messy me has found a messier person in the house. I can't believe that "I" have fights over clothes randomly strewn in the room or shoes thrown carelessly on the floor. There was a time my own room was a mini fish market, piles of clothes on the bed and me fitting in a corner somehow making place to sleep. The younger me, in a parallel universe must be smirking at my new Avataar.. :-O

Is it possible that the ceremonies during marriage, have a secret ritual to cast a spell on the bride and groom? Is it possible?Say!!! Maybe, there is a mantra that is chanted to make us control freaks, psychos- everything we never wanted to be!!! :-o

There was a time I wouldn't start my day without playing music! Now I start my day in the kitchen following the maid around like a scout. Everybody who has been married for over 3 months would know what a critical role maids play in a woman's life post-marriage.

Our conversations majorly constitute of lines like, "My maid was late again" "My maid is such a bully that I feel scared to ask her to do even a little bit of extra work" "My maid skipped coming to work today" "My maid" . 
Can you believe what my maid asked me the other day? "Maaaa (A way to address ladies in south), Main aaj thoda nahaa lun kya aapke ghar pe? Paaaaani nai aata mere ghar mein" (Read: Can I take bath in your house there is no water in mine." ) (Aiyoooo.... How on earth does one react to this?! )
Another friend of mine, has an Alpha maid. She insisted that the young couple buy a house and she gives them loan for the down-payment! :-o

The new-age maids are intimidating for newbies in the domestic world.


For those of you who think marriage doesn't sound appealing-don't be disheartened. There are good things like having a friend cum lover-forever in marriage. Arms to carry you when you're down and lots of little cheesy things. Marriage makes life brighter in indescribable ways!

In fact- Marriage is incredible!

It turns you into 'Mrs.Always Right' for 'Once upon a time-Mr.Right' .