Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cotton Clouds...

Tired of the daily sickening rut
This rat race killing the purity of gut
Give me time to soak in vibes of peace
Let things move with some more ease
The wind in my hair-sunshine on my face,
Give me moments to experience and embrace.

Was I born to run after green
Or is my purpose a higher serene
Burning away the cerebral passion in me,
This withering is something naked eyes cant see.

My soul crawling, wailing, begging for solace
To stop the sprint and liberate into space
This life-the yearnings, the mirage, greys and misinterpreted purpose
Bartered the arbit colors in return of bland morose
Desperate attempts to keep sanity
Yet driven to live a conformed life of vanity
Stop me from erasing my wholesome beauty
Break these shackles of mundane cruelty

I chase the winds that tell me stories
I transcend to planes that awaken the glories
The overwhelming burst of brightness galore
Let's float away in cotton clouds of amour...


Khush said...

Great imagination.
Keep writing.

Madhusha said...

Thank you :)