Failed in Maths in school and pledged to be an Engineer.
Bunked classes, listened to music during lectures and passed out as an Engineer after four long years.
Freelanced at Times of India as a reporter to escape the weight of existing theories and practices in college.
Did MBA in Marketing and got a job in Mumbai. Started blogging to escape the routine work and breathe life into thoughts that were creating a web of messy alpha's and beta's in my head.

Somewhere in the middle of these random events, read about this law called "The law of Attraction" and was floored by it. With time it became a way of life and also proved to be true (in a creepy way sometimes).

At the risk of sounding sappy, hope this blog gets enough substance to keep the dreamer in me alive and make believers out of readers who stumble across (and hopefully find reasons to come back) to this place.

Quoting examples from random lives would be futile, so I chose mine and a cast I can vouch for.

Ummm…what else? I fantasize discovering Atlantis and meeting Dagny Taggart's and John Galt's of the world. Oh! I obsess weight loss and glossy tresses too.

Okay don't roll eyes... I'm done with the narcissist streak!

Hope you love this place and the people here as much as I do.

Happy reading!